The Fine Art of Frequency: Instagram

When it comes to Instagram, there doesn’t appear to be a downside when it comes to high frequency postings. Instagram is all about photos, so use great shots that highlight what is great about your company, people and products. Like Twitter, the more posts you share, the more followers you will have.  Just remember to make sure the images you choose to post are relevant to your brand and followers.

For example, if you are a chef or restaurant owner it makes sense to post images of fresh ingredients as well as your most appetizing dishes. Try to avoid posting too many memes or selfies – followers aren’t interested in what you are wearing or what you find funny. They want your Instagram account to give them a glimpse of what your culinary experience has to offer.

Depending on availability of quality images some of our clients post on Instagram several times a day to several times a week.

“Drive Time” Engagement

We have noticed that engagement is most high among Instagram followers on Sunday. Followers begin liking posts around lunchtime and continue to do so until the early evening. There is a peak in Instagram activity in terms of likes and comments at 6pm Sunday evening and 10am on Monday morning so it is important to schedule new posts during these times. In terms of heightened weekday activity, 6-8am has also proven to be an effective posting time when it comes to catching the attention of Instagram users.


Researching and using key hashtags are an important part of being found on instagram.

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