The Fine Art Of Frequency: twitter

The Fine Art Of Frequency - twitter

We find that if we don’t tweet at least five times per day, seven days a week we lose visibility among followers. We tend to keep our tweets spaced out by at least four hours. Engagement with Twitter followers is usually heightened midweek between 1-3pm.

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The Fine Art Of Frequency: facebook

The Fine Art Of Frequency: Facebook

Brands often face a dilemma when it comes to social media posts. How often is too often? How little is too little? Are we annoying followers? Will we lose fans? What’s best – weekly, daily or more social media posts? With a variety of clients on our books with a strong social media presence, we were able to try and test different variations when it comes to posting frequency. As a result we were able to figure out what works best for varying social media channels and clients.

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