The Fine Art Of Frequency: facebook

Brands often face a dilemma when it comes to social media posts.   How often is too often? How little is too little?  Are we annoying followers? Will we lose fans?  What’s best – weekly, daily or more social media posts? With a variety of clients on our books with a strong social media presence, we were able to try and test different variations when it comes to posting frequency. As a result we were able to figure out what works best for varying social media channels and clients.

We’ll be addressing each social media channel individually in our series, The Fine Art Of Frequency.  First, facebook:


Across the board we found that 2 posts per day, 7 days a week is enough to keep Facebook fans engaged without bombarding them with information and updates.  We tend to post content that is of interest to the reader in the morning (usually 10.00am). In general, we see the most engagement among Facebook fans on Monday mornings.

An early-evening post (approximately 5.00pm) has also proved popular, with an increased number of likes and comments from fans. Lunch hour posts typically result in little traction among fans.

We can share one golden rule when it comes to Facebook posts: less is not more. If you want to appear in your fans newsfeed, you need to have a timely and active page.

EdgeRank is the Facebook algorithm that decides which stories appear in your fans’ newsfeed. Every action you take is a potential newsfeed story. Facebook calls these actions “edges”. So whenever you post a status update or upload a photo, you are generating an “edge” or action that may turn up in a fan’s newsfeed. EdgeRank is a running score – not a one-time score – so it’s important to populate your page with relevant and interesting information on a daily basis.   Engagement and popularity is also important and you can read more about that here.

 You should set a goal of a least one post per day that generates engagement!

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