Broadsword Runs & Guns The BVI’s First Ultramarathon

Broadsword was proud to be involved with the inaugural ultramarathon in the British Virgin Islands, the aptly named Tortola Torture, on 25th April 2015.

We provided live coverage of this 31.6 mile race that featured 5,928 feet of climbing, a similar amount of descent and which took the participants literally from one end of the island to the other via some of the steepest hills on the island.

A surprisingly fast-paced race, the event was a challenge to cover due to the vast expanse of the course and the phenomenal athletes who battled the heat and humidity completing the Torture in unbelievable times. Live Tweets were sent throughout the event along with posts to Facebook and Instagram of the action shots and stunning scenery.

Going forward, Broadsword will be working closely with the event organisers to develop a new fully-responsive website, secure sponsorship and to develop international PR for the 2016 event.

See the full gallery of photos and experience the heat and the hills for yourself on the Tortola Torture Facebook page.

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