Tortola Torture 2016

After providing event coverage for the inaugural Tortola Torture ultramarathon in 2015, Broadsword was tasked with building on the initial success and taking the 2016 event to the next level in terms of event management, obtaining sponsorship, promotion of the event and live event coverage with the ultimate aim of growing the race to become…

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Budget Marine Advertising Campaign

Our client Budget Marine is a Caribbean-wide marine supply business with a presence in the BVI. We were tasked with creating an advertising campaign that would resonate, and directly appeal, to the local market.

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Brandywine Estate Restaurant – Photo Reportage

Regis and Claudine Bourdon are up to great things at Brandywine Estate Restaurant as this feature in the December issue of Virgin Islands Property & Yacht covers. We provided the photographic element for the article and most of these photos didn’t make it – obvious for the style and focus of the article. But we really liked…

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Are Your Blog Images Retina Friendly?

retina friendly images

Retina screens, or screens that contain 2x the pixel density of regular screens, are becoming more widely used in an increasing number of products.

One area where it’s easy to forget about retina-friendly images is in your blog content. Don’t put off updating your images any longer: it is easier than you might think.

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Broadsword Runs & Guns The BVI’s First Ultramarathon

Broadsword was proud to be involved with the inaugural ultramarathon in the British Virgin Islands, the aptly named Tortola Torture, on 25th April 2015.

We provided live coverage of this 31.6 mile race that featured 5,928 feet of climbing, a similar amount of descent and which took the participants literally from one end of the island to the other via some of the steepest hills on the island.

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