The Fine Art Of Frequency: twitter

The Fine Art Of Frequency - twitter

We find that if we don’t tweet at least five times per day, seven days a week we lose visibility among followers. We tend to keep our tweets spaced out by at least four hours. Engagement with Twitter followers is usually heightened midweek between 1-3pm.

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Nifty New Twitter Feature For WordPress

WordPress has just released its latest version – 3.4.2 – with a number of security improvements among other styling updates but there is one very nice feature – now native Twitter embeds can built right in and it couldn’t be easier to implement. All you have to do is copy and paste the direct link to the tweet and voila,…

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Driving site traffic with content

facebook fans up 129%, 14,000 post views; main site visitors up 28% During this year’s BVI Spring Regatta, the Broadsword multimedia and digital team ensured that Nanny Cay’s web site (the event’s presenting sponsor and host) was kept up to date with news photos and video from the week-long event. The home page was re-designed…

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