Nifty New Twitter Feature For WordPress

WordPress has just released its latest version – 3.4.2 – with a number of security improvements among other styling updates but there is one very nice feature – now native Twitter embeds can built right in and it couldn’t be easier to implement.

All you have to do is copy and paste the direct link to the tweet and voila, it shows right on the page! The above tweet (contained in a Wordpress post) is simply this:

Whether you leverage twitter a lot for your own social platform and brand development or source interesting tweets and articles, this new update is great new feature! Broadsword wordpress sites: BroadswordPR, SkiingTheButte, BSAFE24, TriBVI, MonReposVG, OranoAndrews, BlunderBay, ChefDavide, BVIVillaRental

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