Broadsword’s site mobilized

Recently we’ve noticed that more and more people are visiting our site on mobile phones.  Never ones to be afraid of embracing the new marketing trends, we’ve mobilized our site for quick and easy access to key elements of our site:  simplified Home, Services and About Us pages; a contact form; and our blog.

We’ll be rolling out more pages as we go.

Why mobilize your site?

It’s estimated that nearly a third of individuals now use their mobile phone to browse the Internet
and this figure will be substantially higher among smart phone users.

Stay Ahead Of the Game predicts that smart phones will account for nearly half of worldwide sales by 2013. This is a staggering figure and it’s safe to assume will radically alter the
way consumers interact with the Internet. The mobile phone is always at hand, more convenient and always on, so customer don’t even have to go and log into the web to access info anymore – it’s literally at their fingertips and everything’s “on demand”.

Give your customers the right customer experience

When you create a separate website for your mobile users, you enable them to experience easy navigation, fast information access and an improved user experience. Smartphone users are generally tech savvy and will recognize the value your website brings to them in the matter of usability.

Sites built for desktop browsing just don’t meet the needs of someone on their smartphone. There’s not only customer experience and browsing issues but there’s also a problem with the size of the page, how long it takes to load, and how much data needs to be downloaded; telephone companies charge per MB browsed, usually with a fixed monthly limit and heavy overage charges.

Improved SEO

A mobile website provides improved SEO performance. Your rankings will rise on mobile-friendly search engines such as Google and Yahoo, and your website will be placed in relevant mobile and local directories, which will increase your business’ visibility.

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