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The 2011 BVI Spring Regatta was busy for us as we looked after the interests of Nanny Cay, FirstCaribbean, SOL and Scrub Island.  Over the week-long festivities we provided the daily photographic coverage and site updates for Nanny Cay.  There were two “must-haves” over the weekend: one a shot from the crow’s nest of the Necker Belle; two, good shots of the fireworks. Both miserable tasks for a acrophobiac.

Getting above the crowds was the key for the fireworks, so we had to leap a death-defying chasm from PegLegs’ bar to the top of the refrigerated container supplying the Regatta bar.  Two tripods, two cameras, 12 minutes of fireworks and lots of oooh’s and aaah’s from the crowds and we had it in the can.  An ungainly crawl across a plank got us back to the relative safety of PegLegs.  Visit Nanny Cay TV to watch the firework video shot in in HD.

Necker Belle is a very big catamaran with a very small, two-person (just) crow’s nest.  It rises to 82 feet above the deck and then stops with heart-stopping jolt at the top.  It was, unfortunately, absolutely the best place for a shot of the Regatta Village.  Half an hour of shooting without looking down (tricky), 15mm fisheye lens, a barely-steady tripod and mission number two was accomplished.

things-for-clientsThe regatta fireworks – shot from the top of a refrigerated container

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