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Broadsword | eznews is a web-based service that includes everything you need to manage your email marketing and communications from start to finish. It’s a unique platform that combines easy self-serve features, a custom-designed brand template, and personal assistance whenever you need it.

Email marketing has become a critical part of any firm’s communications and marketing plan. It can help retain customers, keep members informed, increase sales, fill seats, raise brand visibility and help you grow your business. Email is faster and more affordable than traditional print mail, and, by some measures, it offers the best return on investment of any marketing medium.

But to work, email has to be done well. Content needs to be clear and compelling. Graphics need to be visually appealing. Campaigns need to be personalized and relevant. Delivery needs to be timely and accurate. And results need to be thoroughly tracked and applied to future mailings.

And that’s where we come in…


Some eznews clients

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Highland Spring HIHO Coldwell Banker BVI HIHO Clothing Horizon Yacht Charters Horizon Yacht Sales Racing In Paradise Pusser's Islandwear



account comes with a full set of features to simplify the way you communicate with your cus-tomers. They’re designed with small and midsize organizations in mind, so while they’ll help you do powerful things for your marketing, they won’t require any technical kung-fu (or any kind of kung-fu, really). Oh, and they’re all packaged up in style with an easy-to-understand interface that’ll save you time and frustration.
A smart campaign editor
Anyone can create html works of art.
Proof before you send
Double-check your email’s links, content and more with one click.
Custom email design
We’ll create a professional email template just for you.
Send whenever you want
Send any time of day or night, or schedule your send-off in advance.
Surveys & forms
Get to know your audience with stylish, easy-to-use surveys and forms.
Sophisticated delivery
Expert delivery network makes sure your emails arrive in the inbox.
Social sharing
Social network linking and track how your subscribers are sharing your emails on popular social networks.
Real-time response tracking
Watch as people open, click, share and more, as it happens.
Create your own database
Use as many fields as you like to collect and store data, including custom fields.
Interactive charts
See at a glance how your email results improve over time.
Search & segment
Find people quickly by ZIP code, response history and more.
Campaign archiving
Any email you send comes with a free online version for easy publishing.
Easy list import
Databases imported from Excel and de-duped on the fly
Customize any email with information you’re storing about your subscribers.
No-fuss member management
Your subscribers can opt out or update their own subscriptions from every email.
Welcome emails
Greet new subscribers with an automatic welcome note or series.
Unlimited signup screens
It’s easy for people to join your list from your website.
Birthday & event notes
Trigger emails before, on or after any big day.
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