Mobile Marketing

A decade deserves a party!

The SHRM Group of Companies (SHRM), founded in the early 1990s, is a provider of trust and corporate services. The group currently comprises offices in four intercontinental locations: Luxembourg, British Virgin Islands, Hong Kong, and New Zealand. The BVI office celebrated its 10th anniversary in February 2015.

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Mobile Visits for BVI Sites up 62% for 2013

Use of mobile devices is becoming ubiquitous throughout the world and the BVI is no exception. However, are the people that market their businesses online here adapting to the shifting sands; are they optimizing their web sites for the new mobile world?

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The Growth of the QR Code

Practicing what we preach – QR Code to our mobile web site on our team kitIn recent months it feels as if we have been invaded by QR codes. They lurk everywhere from the corners of magazine adverts to name tags, tickets and business cards.

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