Images are supplied via Dropbox Transfer as high resolution jpeg files.  Once one download confirmed, files may be removed from Dropbox.  Broadsword does not guarantee that images will be available after initial download.

Sharing the images

Images are priced for the whole crew. You may share them with other crew members without violating copyright.

What can I use the images for?

You may use the images for any non-commercial purpose that does not involve freely distributing the original high resolution files beyond crewmembers. Permission is given to use the images for:

  • making prints for personal use
  • photo-books, providing the print run is less than 50 and they will not be for sale to the public
  • personal websites
  • personal social media use
  • displaying on your personal computer

What you cannot use the images for?

Without first obtaining permission and perhaps establishing an additional licensing fee you may not:

  • re-sell the images
  • use the image for advertising
  • publish the image (except as noted above)
  • submit the images to newspapers, periodicals, publishers or stock photo agencies
  • use on an item for sale or promotion

Number Of Individual PhotosFee
All others$30