Highland Spring HIHO

Highland Spring HIHO

Broadsword helped to raise the public profile of the Highland Spring HIHO annual windsurfing and sailing event. In tandem with the event organizer, Broadsword ensured that industry print and online media were kept up to date and informed on the “world’s greatest windsurfing and sailing adventure.”

The client brief included raising awareness and appeal of the Highland Spring HIHO amongst non-windsurfers interested in touring the BVI in a family-oriented sailing flotilla replete with yacht- and shore-based activities and kid camps.

Broadsword drafted and distributed newsletters using the Broadsword | eznews e-mail marketing service targeting past, present and potential participants and international and regional media. Press releases were drafted and distributed to print and web based news outlets. Broadsword identified and secured daily online coverage for the 2007 event and ensured coverage of the event in the local annual tourist oriented publication, Experience BVI. Broadsword pursued and confirmed the attendance of Sail magazine for the 2008 event.

Broadsword drafted customized sponsorship proposals targeting potential event sponsors.

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