Interactive Sports Exhibition


Broadsword Communications was engaged by The BVI Olympic Committee to create an event that would showcase the skills of Peter Adam Crook, the territory’s half-pipe skier for Sochi 2014, and better educate the public on skiing and the half-pipe.

Broadsword built on the initial idea and conceptualized an event that showcased not only the territory’s Sochi 2014 representative but also the athletes of the BVI Athletics Association, the BVI Swimming Association, and the BVI Squash Rackets Association competing in the Glasgow 2014. The event that Broadsword came up with was an interactive exhibition showcasing the diverse assortment of the various sports associations in the territory.

Broadsword was responsible for publicity collateral, promotion and media outreach, which included online ads + social media. We expanded awareness of the event by collaborating with the Virgin Islands Caner Society and Highland Springs