Budget Marine Advertising Campaign


Our client Budget Marine is a Caribbean-wide marine supply business with a presence in the BVI. To support brand’s regional marketing efforts, we were tasked with creating an advertising campaign that would create resonance locally highlighting recently introduced brands to the store.We devised an unusual strategy to gain maximum impact featuring global brands Maui Jim sunglasses and GILL foul weather clothing.

Our concept was to involve Budget Marine staff in the modelling of the products, empowering them to have a direct effect on sales.  This was met with enthusiastic response and participation on the part of four Budget Marine staff members.  Featuring these staff members in such out of context settings as wearing foul weather gear in the glorious Caribbean sunshine, has drawn people to the store because of the unusual and unexpected images.  Our client has reported a big impact on sales resulting from the campaign.

This advertising was created locally, using local knowledge for the local market has been featured in the territory’s newspapers, magazines and on-line news sites.